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Do You Have The Right Tools ?

Many years ago working briefly as a mechanic taught me just how important it is in using the right toolmechanics. What would have taken me 5 minutes to remove a stubborn threaded nut in a cramped closed space with a common wrench would only need 30 seconds with the right tool in my hand. I can understand why mechanics spend so much money on their tools. Time is money and using the right tool saves a lot of precious time. Initially the tool may be expensive but the time it saves quickly pays for the tool. It also prevents busted knuckles and broken tools because they were used improperly.

The Old Testament describes many tools that were used for the Lord’s purposes. From a shepherd’s staff to a donkey’s jawbone -it was not so much using the right tool as much as it was their obedience and trust that made the tool so powerful and successful. Consider the following tools:

*Moses had a common shepherd’s staff that became a serpent in Pharaohs court. When he raised this staff up with his hands over the waters the Red Sea parted. With this staff he struck it against a rock in the desert–and out sprung water for a thirsty nation.                                               (Exodus 4:2-3) (Exodus 14) (Numbers 20:9-10)

*David’s smooth stone in his sling became a tool that stunned the mighty giant Goliath and then he used another tool available – Goliath’s own sword to finish the job.                       (1Sam 17:40-51)

*The seven ram’s horns at Jericho were some of the tools that toppled the walls of Jericho.   (Joshua 6:1-27)

*The donkey’s jawbone in Samson’s hand slew thousands of his Philistine enemies.             (Judges 15:16)



                                           The Right Tool

What have you been given to fight and defeat the enemies in your life?  What do you have in your toolbox that equips you to be the person God has made you to be? Is what you have been given enough? David’s simple sling and stone was mightier than Goliath.  Moses wooden staff was more powerful than all of Pharaoh armies.

The principle is that when anything is used by God (no matter how insignificant or small it may seem) will always be able to perform the tasks assigned to it. This may appearsamson foolish at times, but it is common for the Lord to ask us to use something simple, even weak, to accomplish something miraculous and mighty in His Kingdom. I think He prefers it that way… so all who see the miraculous, impossible things accomplished have to say it had to be of God. He then receives the Glory, not the servant or the tool held in his servant’s hand. Wouldn’t it be  easier for us to navigate our lives if we had the right tools and the authority of God at our fingertips like Moses, David and Samson?                            Well–we do, we do!

                             The Keys And Our Box of Tools

What we have been given now is so much more powerful than what Moses, David or Samson ever had! That staff became to Moses what Jesus can be for us today. That sling and stone was for David what Jesus and His authority can be for us right now. We have been given a tool that opens up the doors of Heaven…the “Keys of the Kingdom”.

keysThe bible says all authority has been given to Jesus and that Jesus gives us that authority to us as we go about the work he has for us to do. In Matthew 28:18 Jesus says “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me”.  Mat 16:19 “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven”. With his staff, Moses had all the power and authority he needed to accomplish God’s will and lead his people into the Promised land. With Jesus we have everything we need to receive the promises He gives us and all that He has for us to do. Some of things that prevents us from accomplishing these tasks is our lack of willingness or trust and obedience and sometimes its just our fear to step out.

So the question is – what are some of the tools or weapons that are always available for us?  How do we use them? Ephesians 6 may come to mind regarding some of our tools/spiritual armor. Here is a list of some others we can use. I’m sure there are many more.

Scripture,  Prayer,  The Mind of Christ,  Obedience,  Stillness,  Gifts of the Spirit,       Worship & Praise,   Tithes & Offerings,  Binding & Loosening,  The Name of Jesus,                 His Promises,  Fasting,  The Blood of Jesus,  Fruits of the Spirit,  Our Spiritual Armor,      The Keys of the Kingdom,  Our Authority,  Faith…  (can you think of more?)

                                                     An Overcoming Life

Our life in Christ should be an overcoming life. This happens when we successfully use what we have been empowered with against those things that keep us and others from His abundant blessings, growth, liberty and ultimately giving Him glory. The Lords part in this is providing all the necessary tools and power for the miraculous. We have a “tool box” full of wonderful tools / weapons that the Holy Spirit will help us use as we follow His leading. He help us deal with anything that we or others in our lives may come up against.

toolboxWe can use theses “tools” to bring healing, freedom, restoration, and wholeness to ourselves and to the Body of Christ. Don’t be hesitant or shy….pray – then grab a tool out of your tool box – pray again and then use it… and see what wonderful things you can accomplish or overcome in your life or in the life of others. We can help bring Heaven to earth.          So grab a tool and let’s get to work!