That Was The Second Thing I Noticed About Her


Yes. The second thing I couldn’t help but notice was her magnificent blue eyes. They would occasionally change color to a light grey or a faint green! How does that happen? I find that amazing!  Proverbs 21:12 says “the hearing ear and the seeing eye, I have made them both”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Oureyes5 human eyes are a wonderful feat of overwhelmingly complex engineering! If you think your digital camera or video recorder is complex consider the human eye. It transfers light waves of different colors into chemical reactions and electrical impulses and then transfers these signals through the optic nerve to our brain where the image is perceived . We perceive these images in three dimensions in thousands of different shades of color. Our iris (the part of our eye than has the color) can open and close so as to allow just the right amount of light in to focus properly. That is why we can see in direct sunlight and then in the dark shadows as well. In a single glance, lasting a fraction of a second, our eyes work with our brains to tell us the size, shape, color, and texture of an object. They let us know how close it is, whether it’s standing still or coming toward us, and how quickly it’s moving. How awesome is our creator!

But as powerfully complex as our eyes are they have one significant limitation as we can only see the physical realm. The spiritual realm is just as real as the words you are now reading on your computer monitor or this keyboard in front of me; I just cant see it without my spiritual eyes. The spirit realm is all around us and our lives are intricately affected by it every day.

Elisha and Paul’s Prayers

In 2 Kings 6- It tells the story of the king of Aram who was warring against the nation of Israel. When the prophet Elisha and his servant had risen early and left the city they saw the enemy’s armies  with horses and chariots circling the city walls. The servant called out to Elisha “What shall we do?” Elisha answered “Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those that are with them”. Elisha then prayed “Oh Lord, open his eyes that he may see” and the Lord opened the servants eyes, and he saw; and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. When Elisha prayed for his servant, he did not pray that God would give him eyes, He prayed that God would open up his eyes. His servant had to have his “spiritual eyes” opened to see into the spiritual realm.

In Ephesians 1:18, Paul did not pray for the saints to receive their eyes; but for God to open up the eyes of their hearts. All of us have spiritual eyes.

What Do You See?

There are many other examples of things we have been able to view in the  physical world, but perhaps fail to see or perceive the spiritual side. For example…

 When we looked at Abraham & Sarah we saw an old man and a barren woman – God saw a nation so great it would outnumber the stars in heaven. (Gen 15:15, 17:17)

When we looked at David we saw a boy sheep herder – God saw a giant killer and King. (1 Samuel 17:15-49)

When we looked at Gideon we saw a mere wheat thresher – God saw a mighty  warrior.  (Judges 6:11, 8:28)

When we looked at the prodigals and sinners eating with Jesus – God saw His sons and daughters gathered around His dining table (Luke 15:1-2)

When we looked at the Gerasene demoniac we saw a naked, ranting, raving, demon possessed man – God saw a clear-eyed, clear-headed evangelist (Mark 5:1-20)

When we looked at Saul we saw one of the greatest persecutors of Christians – God saw one of His greatest proponents and one of His inspired authors of His Word.

Spiritual Lenses

How can I begin to see myself as God sees me, to have His perspective?        How can  eyes6I see the beauty of the butterfly in myself that God sees – when all I see at times is the ugliness of a caterpillar?

Whatever dominates your life will dictate the way you think – the things above v/s  earthly things. To begin to achieve an understanding of how God thinks of you will require setting your heart and mind on Him. Jesus had a perfect understanding of how the Father viewed Him because he shared a personal ongoing relationship with the Father.

Do we just believe what we can only see –or can we begin to see what we believe, what God says is true? God does not make mistakes or have second thoughts. We are who He says we are even if at the moment we don’t realize it. After all we are not the first person to struggle to see ourselves through heavens eyes; consider Moses – Gideon – Jeremiah – Mary – Mary Magdalene – Peter.

Your whole outlook on life, your spiritual confidence, your faith, your inner man, your ministry, your future can be transformed when you learn to see yourself and your world through heavens eyes! I believe that happens through an encounter, an ongoing divine encounter with the Lord. Don’t stop pursuing and enriching that encounter. It will take you places and allow you to see things beyond what you could ever have imagined !

We walk by faith, not by sight. Faith is what enables our spiritual eyes. Faith helps us see the unseen.

Jesus looks at everything and everyone with the lens of perfect love. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see things as He sees them. Ask Him to increase your spiritual insight….to give you “Heavenly Eyes. His eyes” and you will begin  to see things as He see’s them!  It’s a prayer he wants to fulfill in all of us !

The First Thing I Noticed ?

Oh…and by the way…if you wondered what the first thing was that I noticed about her………it was her beautiful red hair. I am blessed beyond measure because I now see those blue eyes every day. She changed her last name redhair3to mine!


5 thoughts on “That Was The Second Thing I Noticed About Her

  1. Jon Stallings

    Great post Steve. What we see with our natural eyes can be deceptive. Our own prayer has to be to see what God sees. – Something I constantly have to work on.


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