Unanswered Prayers (or are they?)

My granddaughter just had spinal surgery from a benign bone tumor. She was med-evacuated from Japan to San Diego,CA. The surgery was done here in the USA.  A rod was placed in her back for support. Prognosis is good. I wonder why prayers from her church family and friends for healing seem not to be answered. Why did the prayers of worried, concerned, loving parents  seem to be ignored or hindered?

I know in my life when things did not go the way I had hoped or even prayed…through them I had frequently missed opportunities the Lord had for me to grow or learn as I went through them. I had wasted lessons He had for me. I read a book written a long time ago which changed the way I attempt to live these ordeals / trials that we all have –as I navigate my life through them or in them. I have found it is not the presence of suffering in our lives –but it is how we react to it which determines one’s spiritual growth through sorrow and pain. This character of Christ can only be developed in the school of suffering. But sometimes things get so close to us in our lives that we lose our spiritual perspective. So I guess I am reminding myself of this (as the title of the book states ) “Don’t Waste Your Sorrows”…as each one is precious and something to be embraced.


2 thoughts on “Unanswered Prayers (or are they?)

  1. Denise

    I have a saying that sometimes helps me put things in perspective when trials come. ” This is a test only a test ” I pray I can pass the test so I don’t have to retake it.


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